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Terra Environment Dictionary is a resource of words, terms and phrases related to environmentalism, as defined by society.

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1. Excrement from organisms; faeces.
2. Unwanted or unusable materials or byproducts.
There are many different types of waste, broadly including liquid waste (wastewater, used oils, chemicals), solid waste (plastics, metals, paper, glass, ceramics), organic waste (food, manure) and hazardous waste (electric waste, any waste that is flammable, toxic, corrosive, reactive and radioactive).
The life cycle of resources and waste generation have environmental implications, as biodegradable waste can be returned to the natural environment as organic matter, and recyclable waste can be processed and repurposed as new resources or products. Failing both of which, waste disposal can cause global warming and pollution if done improperly, such as air pollution from burning plastics, land pollution from landfills (which also produces methane), and marine pollution from chemicals and plastics being dumped into the oceans.


The World Wildlife Fund, an international non-governmental organisation and the world’s largest environmental conservation organisation. It has activities structured in six key areas: food, climate, freshwater, wildlife, forests and oceans.

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