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Terra Environment Dictionary is a resource of words, terms and phrases related to environmentalism, as defined by society.

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Relating to principles or processes that prevents or minimises waste generation, or recycles waste back into the resource life cycle, for optimum resource efficiency and minimum negative impacts to health and the environment. It does not always mean literal, absolute zero waste, but more to prevent and eliminate waste as much as possible.


1. Also called a zoological garden, a parklike facility in which animals live in captivity most popularly for exhibition, but also for research, conservation and repopulation.
Historically, zoos, then also called menageries, started as private collections—more resembling living museums—of the wealthy as a sign of their power and status.
Modern zoos, on the other hand, seek to replicate the natural habitats where the animals could live as they would in the wild as much as possible. While the entertainment and education elements are still present, there is also added emphasis on scientific research and species conservation.
Without zoos, most of the general public would not have access to observe and experience live wildlife up close and in the flesh.
2. A place, activity or group marked by raucous or unrestrained behaviour.


Pertaining to an infectious disease caused by a pathogen that was transferred from one species to another.
related: zoonosis

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